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5 Egg-Cellent Easter Crafts and Activities For You and Your Children

5 Egg-Cellent Easter Crafts and Activities For You and Your Children

Easter Sunday is right around the corner! Have you planned anything fun for you and your children to do together? Fortunately, there are tons of Easter themed crafts and activities you can do with your children. In fact, most of them are even budget friendly! Check out these 5 egg-cellent ideas below.

1. Make an Easter Egg Tree

Easter egg trees are fun, easy, and cheap. The cheapest way to collect materials for your Easter egg tree is to head to the dollar store. You can get foam, glitter, plastic eggs, and Easter grass. The most expensive thing you will need and use is the hot glue gun to piece the Easter egg tree together. These will look great as decorations just about anywhere in your home after you piece them together!

2. Carrot Footprints

Carrot footprints are another fun and easy Easter themed craft. You will need orange paint, glue, white construction paper, and green construction paper. You will have your child step into the orange paint and then step on the white construction paper. Then, you will cut around the footprint in the shape of a carrot after the print dries. Finally, you can cut the green construction paper into long strips to glue to the top of the white paper.

3. Fuzzy Bunny Paper Plate

Paper plates, cotton balls, and any other craft items you can pick up at the dollar store will be used to decorate the paper plate to resemble a bunny face. This activity is a great option if you have an extra crafty or creative child as he or she can decorate the plate any way he or she wants.

4. Easter Egg Maracas

In order to make Easter egg maracas, you will need pennies, small rocks, dried beans, beads, buttons, and popcorn kernels to go inside of the eggs. Then, you just need a glue gun, an empty egg carton, and small plastic Easter eggs. Fill each of the plastic eggs with a different item. You want to make sure you do not pack the egg so full the items cannot move around when you shake the egg. Close the eggs and glue them shut. Once the glue has had time to dry, you can shake the eggs and hear the different sounds the materials make. If you have an older child, fill up two eggs with the same materials. Then, you can have your child try to guess which eggs have the same materials in them.

5. Easter Nest Candy

In order to make Easter nest candy you will need mixing bowls and spoons, a standard muffin tin, muffin cups, a 12-ounce package of La Choy Mein Noodles, an 11-ounce package of Nestle Toll House Butterscotch Morsels, and a 10-ounce package of Reese's Pieces Pastel Eggs.

Step One: Melt the butterscotch morsels in the microwave. Melt them in 30 second intervals.

Step Two: Mix the melted butterscotch and the chow mein noodles.

Step Three: Spoon some of the chow mein mixture into the muffin cups.

Step Four: Push a few of the eggs into the middle of your nest.

Step Five: Wait for the nest to harden.

Step Six: Enjoy the tasty treat!

Whether you have decided on a colorful craft or a yummy snack, these egg-cellent ideas are sure to get your children in the holiday spirit.


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