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Private Pre-K | 4-5 years old program

460 prekSpace available for the 2017 - 2018 school year!

HoneyTree’s quality Pre-Kindergarten program will not only prepare your child for the Kindergarten essentials of reading, math, and writing, but also for paying attention, following directions, and getting along with others.

Class begins on the Tuesday after Labor Day and will continue until the following August, so they get a full year of Pre-K! Your child must be 4 years old on or before September 30 to be eligible.

Children are served nutritious meals throughout the day. Daily schedules incorporate free choice center time, circle time, theme-related activities and “I Can Problem-Solve” activities. Gross motor activities, including outside play time and rest time are an important part of each day.

Highlights of the Pre-K Piece

  • Curriculum that meets the milestones and SOL guidelines required
  • Regular progress reports and parent conferences
  • Transition reports sent directly to your child’s kindergarten teacher
  • PALS Testing
  • Developmental and educational screenings done on site
  • Weekly Spanish class
  • Children will be able to learn and play with iPads and Smart Boards
  • Daily meals included in tuition

An Average Day…

Morning Group

Each day begins with a large group activity. Learning self-control, communication, socialization, listening skills, math concepts (calendar), memorization, (finger plays and songs), and knowledge about the weekly theme (rain forests to space exploration) are all aspects of circle time! We create a special place to have it every day. Carpet squares or vinyl place-mats help each child have a “spot” in morning circle. ”Radical Routines” are part of each morning circle time. Routines help children learn what to expect and repetition of familiar concepts help children learn faster. Songs, weather helpers, recognizing special activities, and explaining the expectations for the day are all important routines we add.

Small Group

Small group times offer you the opportunity to work with a few children at one time to provide an activity that requires more teacher participation. We use this time to make sure each child has a special time with us.

Large Group

This area develops communication and early reading skills. Learning how to care for books, holding them and turning a page in sequence are only a few of the first important steps in developing a respect for books and reading. Listening, a key learning concept, is also an important skill developed in this area.

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Do you have any questions?

For Enrollment questions, or for general information, contact us at 540.344.4543 or use our online contact form.

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Child Sensory Science

This winning center allows the child to feel, smell, touch, hear, and sometimes taste the medium that teaches the concept. Measuring, pouring, discovering physical properties, and volume are all aspects of this center. This small, hands-on area enforces the social concepts of cooperative play! Math, science, and motor development are all added benefits of learning in this sand, water, oatmeal, and shaving cream environment.

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learning blocks

Learning in blocks helps children learn math concepts like proportion – two triangles make a square. Learning in blocks  also assists children in forming ideas about cause and effect, gravity, and problem solving. Children learn quickly that in order for a tower to “reach for the sky” it needs a large base. The block area is also a great place for children to socialize and work together while developing motor skills. Using their imagination and fellow-builders, children can turn this area into an airport, castle, or even their own neighborhood!

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dramatic play

In this popular area, children make great headway in areas of language, social, and emotional development. Dramatic and Imaginative play in this area allows children to take on and explore new roles and to associate between real and the imagined. Learning to function in a group, take turns, and play cooperatively are outcomes for children who master this center.

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Math & Manipulative

The Math and Manipulative center is designed to build fine motor control, spatial awareness, eye-hand coordination, problem solving skills, and social interaction. Typically set up with tables, children work together in small groups or singularly with puzzles that challenge, Legos® that create, lacing cards that teach, and anything else that requires the children to think while using their fingers!

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creative arts

While playing in this area, children learn the concepts of form, shape, line, and color. They also gain increased muscle control. One of the benefits of this center is the fact that when they create something here, it is lasting, not like a block tower or finished puzzle. Children need to have their accomplishments and creations become tangible so that they have that “I did it!” feeling validated. Creative arts programs do this. Building self-esteem, one piece of artwork at a time, is what this center is all about.

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