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A Guide to Making Sure Her Mother’s Day is Extra Special

​Mother's Day is a very special day that happens once each year. It is a day to honor, cherish, and love a woman (or women) in your life who have one of the hardest jobs in the world – being a mother. While giving a gift on Mother's Day is about a child giving a gift to his or her mother, a spouse, partner, or caregiver has to be involved in the pr...
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How To Keep Your Kid's Clutter Organized

From clothing to toys to school supplies, children come with a lot of gear. While most of what your children have around the house is necessary for one reason or another, failure to keep it organized will result in a chaotic and cluttered house. Furthermore, some parents have other obstacles to deal with when it comes to organization such as a todd...
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Teaching Your Child How to Use Scissors

Hand separation is a skill children must master in order to use scissors properly. This skill involves using the index, thumb, and middle fingers separately from the ring and pinkie fingers. While using scissors might seem like second nature to you, it is a pretty challenging task for someone with small hands. While a lot toddlers have the skills ...
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Fun Sensory Activities For Toddlers

​Once children reach a certain age even they know what senses are – smell, sight, touch, taste, and hearing. What parents may not know is how important sensory play is to the development of a child.The Role Sensory Play Plays Sensory play is not just beneficial for a child who struggles with sensory integration, it is beneficial for all children. W...
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Benefits of a Quality Preschool and Pre-K Program

Spring is a great time of year for parents to start weighing their options for what type of program is best for their soon-to-be preschool or Pre-K child. There are many benefits to these early learning programs, and how they can prepare your child for Kindergarten.Enrolling in a preschool program will provide your child with an opportuni...
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4 Fun Spring Activities For Families

The snow is gone, the temperatures are rising, and your children are anxiously waiting to go outside to play. After spending all winter cooped up inside, it is normal for everyone to want to go outside and enjoy some fresh spring air. The question is – what kind of activities are you going to do with your family once you get outside? Here are some ...
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Fun Ways to Teach Your Child Numbers and Counting

Numbers are used in almost everything that we do throughout life. Having a child that is having a hard time catching on with numbers and counting can be frustrating. With the right programs, games, and teaching materials, you can teach a child of any age about numbers and counting.There are 7 Stages to Teaching Numbers to Kids The general guideline...
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5 Egg-Cellent Easter Crafts and Activities For You and Your Children

Easter Sunday is right around the corner! Have you planned anything fun for you and your children to do together? Fortunately, there are tons of Easter themed crafts and activities you can do with your children. In fact, most of them are even budget friendly! Check out these 5 egg-cellent ideas below. 1. Make an Easter Egg Tree Easter egg trees are...
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Creative Ways to Get Your Child to Try New Foods

"No" and "I don't want that" are every child's favorite things to say at the dinner table. For a parent, few things are more stressful than having a picky eater. In addition to either having to be comfortable eating the same handful of things on a regular basis or making an entirely different meal for your child every night; you also have to worry ...
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Transforming Your Family from a One Child Household to a Two Child Household: How to Survive

There is nothing more exciting than finding out you are having a baby. If you already have a child running around the house, you might be a little scared. Just remember, one day you will be hearing two "I love you mommies and daddies" instead of one. People tend to get so engrossed in the excitement of having another child that they overlook o...
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Beat the Winter Blues with These Fun Indoor Kid-Friendly Activities

Winter is a dreaded season for a lot of different reasons. First, there's the dangerous winter road conditions. Second, there's the challenging task of keeping your children safely bundled up. And third, is the task of keeping your children from bouncing off the walls on days where it is just too cold to play outside. Fortunately, you don't have to...
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How to Keep Your Child Warm and Safe in the Winter

Winter is a scary time of the year when you have a little one to keep safe. This is especially true if you are the parent of a child that doesn't know how to talk yet as the lack of speech makes it difficult for your child to tell you he or she is cold. Fortunately, there are a lot of steps you can take to keep your babies warm.Use Several Lay...
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Ten Tips on Preparing Your Young Child for a New Sibling

Congratulations! Your dream of bringing another baby into the world has come true, and soon there will be an addition to your growing family. The news of a new baby on the way is a time of great jubilation and can be a whirlwind of events and emotions. Getting caught up in the excitement about the little one on the way is a good thing, but you must...
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Eating Healthy on a Budget for Families

Tips to Achieve a Healthier Family – Healthy Eating on a Budget. Eating healthy can be an expensive proposition for one to take on, not to mention trying to get the entire family on board. The cost of living for healthy eating can be one of the largest deterrents and killers of any diet program. Most of us can't afford to eat purely organic produce...
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HoneyTree ELC Voted “Best Child Care Center” in The Roanoker Best of 2014 Awards

After proudly providing the Ronaoke Valley area with superior childcare for over thirty years, the business is happy to announce they have recently received the Platinum Award for "Best Child Care Center" in the prestigious Roanoker Best of 2014 Awards. Top quality childcare is a must for many families. Fortunately in the Roanoke area making the de...
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