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Guide to Childproofing Your Yard

Guide to Childproofing Your Yard
Everything changes when you have children. Suddenly the warm and comfortable home you know and love becomes a danger zone with all sorts of accidents waiting to happen. Suddenly, you need to baby and childproof things you didn't even know you could baby proof or childproof! For example, is your yard a safe and secure place for your child to play? W...
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The Sensory Diet: What You Can Do to Help Your Child

​A sensory diet could be an important plan for your child and an official sensory diet can only be prescribed by a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant or Occupational Therapist (OT). A child that doesn't have the ability to process multiple sensory inputs in a functional way – because he/she has a sensory processing disorder (SPD) – needs a se...
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How Important Is Quiet Time For a Child?

How Important Is Quiet Time For a Child?
Quiet time is an essential part of every child's daily routine. It allows the parent/caregiver a chance to recharge and take a break. It is also a great time for older kids to read, finish school work, or take a nap. Babies need a nap, but with a baby aboard it can become essential for all toddlers. It might take a while to get the routine accepted...
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5 Ways to Ease Your Child’s Separation Anxiety

5 Ways to Ease Your Child’s Separation Anxiety
Nothing is more stressful or heartbreaking for a parent than listening to their child cry when they leave them at preschool, with a babysitter, or at daycare. Unfortunately, separation anxiety is a real issue that most children deal with. The truth is, your child's entire life is consumed by being with you. You are your child's entire world. If tak...
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​Bonding or Beneficial: Is Reading With Your Baby Worthwhile?

It is a common misconception that reading with an infant (or any child who has yet to learn to read) is nothing more than a way to bond. According to NY Metro Parents, experts have confirmed that reading with your child offers him/her so much more than an opportunity to bond with his/her parent. In fact, here are some of the proven benefits your ch...
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