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​Cooler Weather Coming: How Do You Properly Fit a Shoe for an Infant?

With summer coming to a close, it's time to start thinking about what will be keeping your kids' feet warm. If you have a small baby, this may be tricky. Babies have to have shoes that fit well once they start walking because their shoes helps their development and encourages the baby to take more steps. So, how do you make sure the shoes are fitti...
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Help! How Do You Potty Train a Child With Autism?

Help! How Do You Potty Train a Child With Autism?A child with autism will likely take longer to potty train, but it isn't impossible to do. You'll need to take a few different steps than you would with a child without autism. Here are steps to help you potty train your child with autism spectrum disorder.Know When Your Child Is ReadyYou can't start...
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​How Do You Know If Your Child Is Getting Enough Sleep?

​How Do You Know If Your Child Is Getting Enough Sleep?
For the most part, it is easy to tell whether your child is tired because children tend to get cranky or giggly when they are sleepy. However, how do you really know if your child is getting enough sleep?Crankiness and FussinessYou will usually be able to tell in the way your child is acting. In younger children, especially babies, the main signs a...
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Smoothie Recipes That Can Make Great Breakfasts for Your Kids

Smoothie Recipes That Can Make Great Breakfasts for Your Kids
With back to school on the horizon, you need something quick and easy to get the kids going in the mornings. But you don't want to settle with toaster pastries and cereal every single morning because they are full of sugar and your kids like variety. That's understandable. Enter the smoothie. The solution to breakfast on-the-go that can be as nutri...
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Is There a Difference Between Limit-Setting and Discipline?

In life, people use a lot of different words to describe the same thing. Discipline and limit-setting, for example, are two words parents like to use interchangeably. The question is – do they mean the same? The short answer – not really. As a parent, it is certainly in your best interest to know the difference between the two. This way, you can le...
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