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​Cooler Weather Coming: How Do You Properly Fit a Shoe for an Infant?

With summer coming to a close, it's time to start thinking about what will be keeping your kids' feet warm. If you have a small baby, this may be tricky. Babies have to have shoes that fit well once they start walking because their shoes helps their development and encourages the baby to take more steps. So, how do you make sure the shoes are fitti...
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Help! How Do You Potty Train a Child With Autism?

Help! How Do You Potty Train a Child With Autism?A child with autism will likely take longer to potty train, but it isn't impossible to do. You'll need to take a few different steps than you would with a child without autism. Here are steps to help you potty train your child with autism spectrum disorder.Know When Your Child Is ReadyYou can't start...
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​How Do You Know If Your Child Is Getting Enough Sleep?

For the most part, it is easy to tell whether your child is tired because children tend to get cranky or giggly when they are sleepy. However, how do you really know if your child is getting enough sleep?Crankiness and FussinessYou will usually be able to tell in the way your child is acting. In younger children, especially babies, the main signs a...
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Smoothie Recipes That Can Make Great Breakfasts for Your Kids

With back to school on the horizon, you need something quick and easy to get the kids going in the mornings. But you don't want to settle with toaster pastries and cereal every single morning because they are full of sugar and your kids like variety. That's understandable. Enter the smoothie. The solution to breakfast on-the-go that can be as nutri...
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​Bonding or Beneficial: Is Reading With Your Baby Worthwhile?

It is a common misconception that reading with an infant (or any child who has yet to learn to read) is nothing more than a way to bond. According to NY Metro Parents, experts have confirmed that reading with your child offers him/her so much more than an opportunity to bond with his/her parent. In fact, here are some of the proven benefits your ch...
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3 Fun and Easy Father’s Day Cards You Can Make With Your Kids

​It was on July 19 in the year 1910 that the governor of the United States of Washington declared the United States' first "Father's Day". According to History.com, there are more than 70 million fathers in the United States. As the mother of your children and the wife to your husband, you play a key role in Father's Day. You are responsible for co...
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3 Options For Getting Your Picky Eater to Try Food This Summer

Summer marks the season for outdoor activities, vacations and tons of fresh produce. Make it a point this summer to take a stab at getting your picky eater to try some new foods. And no, you don't have to beg, bribe, or stomp your feet to get them to do it! Option One: Try The New Food During an Outing Whether you are going out to eat, going to the...
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Teaching Your Child How to Use Scissors

Hand separation is a skill children must master in order to use scissors properly. This skill involves using the index, thumb, and middle fingers separately from the ring and pinkie fingers. While using scissors might seem like second nature to you, it is a pretty challenging task for someone with small hands. While a lot toddlers have the skills ...
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Fun Sensory Activities For Toddlers

​Once children reach a certain age even they know what senses are – smell, sight, touch, taste, and hearing. What parents may not know is how important sensory play is to the development of a child.The Role Sensory Play Plays Sensory play is not just beneficial for a child who struggles with sensory integration, it is beneficial for all children. W...
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4 Fun Spring Activities For Families

The snow is gone, the temperatures are rising, and your children are anxiously waiting to go outside to play. After spending all winter cooped up inside, it is normal for everyone to want to go outside and enjoy some fresh spring air. The question is – what kind of activities are you going to do with your family once you get outside? Here are some ...
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Transforming Your Family from a One Child Household to a Two Child Household: How to Survive

There is nothing more exciting than finding out you are having a baby. If you already have a child running around the house, you might be a little scared. Just remember, one day you will be hearing two "I love you mommies and daddies" instead of one. People tend to get so engrossed in the excitement of having another child that they overlook o...
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Beat the Winter Blues with These Fun Indoor Kid-Friendly Activities

Winter is a dreaded season for a lot of different reasons. First, there's the dangerous winter road conditions. Second, there's the challenging task of keeping your children safely bundled up. And third, is the task of keeping your children from bouncing off the walls on days where it is just too cold to play outside. Fortunately, you don't have to...
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